GAIA | Redesign the existing (Pōur)

GAIA | Redesign the existing (Pōur)

Working together with GAIA on a waste-free future.


Pōur is a design and product development brand, which reaps raw materials to create new circular products and applications. Pōur challenges the concept of waste. We live in a linear economic system where we create waste. There is a shortage of raw materials worldwide due to the way we produce and consume. We need to turn this linear status quo into a circular action.


Pōur does this by forming responsible products, designing them in a different way and making them in a different way. Pōur inspires people to embrace reuse and raw materials in their lives.


Made with honor in local social companies in the Netherlands and Belgium.



Pōur-Products (download here)


The materials come from GAIA's return logistics. These materials have lived a lifetime. Workwear used to build roads and build bridges is now finding new life in our products. The materials contribute their experience in our new designs. After use, you can return your Pōur products to us as we can recycle that much loved Pōur product into a new beautiful item.



GAIA-PŌUR prospect (download here)