Recycling | WORKWEAR

Recycling | WORKWEAR

Recycling | WORKWEAR

GAIA circular is happy to help you recycle by setting up a total concept. We are happy to help you on your way to circular business operations and a sustainable future. As a company you thus contribute to achieving our Global Goals for the year 2030.

We collect all common work clothing, work shoes and PPE by using our "RESOURCE BOX". All these materials are allowed together in this "RESOURCE BOX". That means no longer a separate collection means for PPE or shoes or even product-related work clothing. We like to keep it clear and easy for your employees, that means all products to be recycled in 1 collection means our "RESOURCE BOX".

The "RESOURCE BOXES" are then emptied in one of our sorting centers and the collected products are sorted. In doing so, we also make use of the use of social employment and the support of people who are disadvantaged in the labor market.

During the sorting process of the work clothing, a pre-sorting of the collected materials takes place. The products are sorted for which our partner PŌUR makes new products, REDESIGN THE EXISTING. The products for which PŌUR has no re-use are sorted by composition. We make a distinction between several material groups in different compositions. Each group therefore has its own recycling process. The remainder of products that, for whatever reason (for example seriously contaminated), is presented for destruction in the final step with energy recovery.

Circular design

A good recycling process mainly depends on the nature and composition of the materials supplied. In short, the extent to which products can be recycled circularly depends solely on the circularity of the design and the materials used.